How to Establish a Cotillion

Participating in JDW Cotillion® programs is an educational investment that builds a strong foundation for developing positive relationships that will last a lifetime.

We are confident that your involvement in establishing a JDW program will be very rewarding to you, beneficial to your children, and become a lasting tradition in your community.

There are two models for establishing JDW Social Education Programs®: by Contract & by Committee.

By Contract.

Where JDW instructors are hired to instruct programs

By Committee.

Where a group of interested parents or organizations develop a program for their community

Contact JDW Now.

If you are interested in establishing a JDW program, please contact us at or call our office at 303-757-5333.

  • Who participates and benefits?
    Students who participate benefit, and so do their parents, teachers, friends and classmates – anyone with whom they establish a relationship, both now and in the future.
  • Who organizes and manages the program?

    JDW organizes and manages all non-contract style programs often with the help of a strong local presence (the Chairwoman and her Committee). JDW is responsible for: development of proprietary content; program design; instruction; assistance with site selection and negotiation; organizational guides; registration processing; accounting; and can supply promotional materials on request.

    The Chair and her Committee are responsible for: committee organization and management; parent representation; selecting a training venue; registration list development; maintaining class gender ratios; chaperone supervision; and promoting the program within the community.

  • Where are Cotillion programs held?

    Some of the places where JDW Cotillion programs are currently held include:

    • Public and private schools
    • Community centers
    • Recreation facilities
    • Private clubs and country clubs
    • Museums
    • Churches
  • What is the Cotillion class format?

    JDW offers two standard Cotillion training formats that have proven to be successful. In order to move ahead with one of these programs, we require a minimum of 100 students.

    • Five classes held weekly, every other week or once a month
    • Four classes of slightly longer duration held weekly, every other week or once a month

    JDW also offers custom programs. For information about other training formats, please refer to SEE®.

  • What are the registration fees for students?

    Registration fees for JDW Cotillion programs vary and are based on the following criteria: (1) number of students, (2) training time allocation, (3) number of instructors, and (4) direct expenses such as facility rental, catering, reference materials, and instructor travel.

    When you are ready to establish a JDW Cotillion, a JDW staff member will meet with you to discuss program options and registration fees.

  • What will it personally cost me to establish a JDW Social Education Program?

    JDW pays for all expenses associated with the programs – with the exception of the By Contract format (where JDW instructors are hired exclusively to instruct.)

  • How do I get started?

    If you are interested in establishing a JDW program, please contact us at or call our office at 303-757-5333.